Syrian Army shows off destroyed ISIS vehicles at newly captured village near Palmyra

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Despite the tragic fall of Palmyra two months ago, its liberation remains a top priority for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as government forces have seized a number of villages west of the ancient city in recent days.

At least 16 ISIS insurgents were left dead scattered across the battlefield while many jihadist technicals and a T-55 tank were also completely burnt-out amid the government advances on Friday.

The carnage was put on display at Al-Qalbiyah where Syrian troops of the 5th Legion, Badia branch forces, and military shield forces could also be seen marching through the newly captured village:

Some reports suggest ISIS is suffering from a shortage of manpower in the Palmyra region after most of the 4,000-5,000 jihadist militants that captured it last December have since left to defend other volatile frontlines.

Several pictures have emerged of the renewed SAA offensive:

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